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My name is Chris Nelson, and I am the creator of SoCal Nexus. I was an FBI Agent for 26 years in the San Francisco Bay area and in Southern California. I retired in 2014 and then worked for 3.5 years as an internal investigator for JPMorgan Chase.

While in the FBI, I managed large cases in areas such as White Collar Crime, Internet Fraud, Bank Fraud and Government Contract Fraud. For over 4 years I also managed cases involving computer hackers trying to steal corporate and Goverment data.

  FBI Badge From Chris Nelson Retirement Plaque
Badge and service pins from my FBI retirement plaque.
This is the badge I carried with my credentials for 26 years.

Prior to the FBI, I worked as an internal auditor and a rate analyist for a large oil and gas energy company named Questar Corporation (now Dominion Energy ).

I have an MBA and have passed the CPA exam. When I was young, I lived in Switzerland for three years, and in Italy for two. At the time, I was fluent in French and spoke very good Italian.

While with the FBI, one of my skills was aviation where I was a pilot-in-command and flew over 5000 hours in support of a wide variety of investigations. I also received frequent computer training to augment my existing computer skills.

Chris Nelson
Please see my LinkedIn profile at: Chris Nelson LinkedIn

I left Chase in September 2017 to start SoCal Nexus, an investigations, security and photography business that uses my skills in ways to benefit you. Please let me know if I can help you solve an investigative, security or photography need.

Thank You.

  Chris Nelson

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