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SoCal Nexus stands ready to assist you with your security needs. Our experience includes 26 years as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and another 7 years in the corporate environment.

26 Years of FBI Security Experience:

SoCal Nexus' strength is in security matters related to fraud, white-collar crime, financial crime, employee embezzlment and internal theft. Our 26 years as an FBI Agent was spent working white-collar crime, Government contract fraud, internet crimes, terrorism, drugs, piracy, and other crimes. Numerous classified investigations were also handled.

If you have a problem with your employees, sometimes it's best to bring in an outsider to ask the hard questions, allowing you to concentrate on your core business and the postive aspects of your employee relations.

Internal Security

7 Years of Corporate Security, Compliance and Audit Experience:

From January 2014 to September 2017, SoCal Nexus worked as an Investigator with JPMorgan Chase looking into internal security matters. These included employee theft, misconduct and procedures violations that lead to discipline and termination. External security threats to Chase were also worked, including account takeovers, account holder impersonations, and financial abuse of the elderly.

SoCal Nexus also spent 3.5 years working for a large oil and gas energy company (Questar Corporation) performing internal audits, financial analysis and process review.

You can leverage SoCal Nexus' expertise to help you resolve your internal security problems.

Internal Security

SoCal Nexus' security strengths lie in internal security matters, such as employee misconduct, theft, and organized efforts to defraud you or your company. With our experience and contacts, we can also assist you in finding the right people to help you with your physical security needs.

Please contact us for help with your security needs.

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Note concerning the California Private Investigator's license:
SoCal Nexus, LLC (SCN) is located in the State of California and is required to have an active Private Investigator's license with the State to perform certain types of investigation. SCN is in the process of obtaining that license. On 1/11/2018, Chris Nelson passed the California Private Investigator's exam on behalf of SCN, and SCN is now waiting for the State of California to complete the licensing process. Until the license is obtained, SCN will not be engaged in investigation and security work which requires the California Private Investigator's license.


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